13. How to Get Your Mind Out of the Way of Your Penis

In this week's episode, Tim talks to Dr. Steven Hayes, the founder of  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - a groundbreaking update to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that helps people better manage obsessive thoughts and become more mindful of their core values. Dr. Hayes offers invaluable insight on how obsessive thoughts affect erections, and how to change your relationship to those thoughts instead of hiding from them. If you make peace with them, they won't control your behavior, or your penis.  

12. What You Need to Know About Blood Flow and Penis Function

Today Tim interviews to Dr. Johanna Hannan, an award-winning professor at East Carolina University's Brody School of Medicine. She studies the internal pudendal arteries (arteries that supply our genitals), and their impact on aging, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. They cover why it's difficult to gather clinical data, erectile issues caused by prostate cancer and why diet and exercise make such a big difference. Please note: Dr. Hannan discusses animal testing in her research.

11. How to Treat Erectile Issues with Meditation

Today's guest, Conor Creighton, is an Irish writer living in Germany. Conor opens up about suffering with erectile issues in his twenties, his frustrations with Viagra and how a ten-day Vipassana (silent meditation) retreat changed his life, including how it helped him address his erectile issues. It's a story of heartache, shame and perseverance. Enjoy!

10. Insights from a Sex Researcher and Neuroscientist

Tim talks to neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Prause about the neuroscience of erections (of course!), the ins and outs of conducting sex research, and how porn and partnered sex affect the brain differently. She dispels myths about the correlation between testosterone levels and erections and talks about how neuroscience likely validates the effectiveness of sensate focus. They also get technical, discussing penile salience networks, transcranial magentic stimulation and what neuroimaging tells us about sex.

9. Learning About Your Penis From a Sex-Positive Therapist

Today, Tim and sex-positive therapist Dr. Hernando Chavez talk about de-emphasizing the focus on the penis, the biopsychosocial (biological, psychological, and social) factors in sexual struggles, porn, therapeutic treatment of erectile issues, peaking, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, the myth of the desirability of long-lasting sex, and the politics of sex positivity.

8. A Urologist Talks About Medical Erectile Dysfunction

Today, Tim and urologist Dr. Josh Gonzalez discuss the three basic categories of medical erectile dysfunction (hormonal, blood flow, and neurological) and why pills aren't aways the best solution. Dr. Gonzalez talks about why he loves doing penile implant surgeries, the pluses and minuses of cock rings, and how to avoid priapisms (when the penis remains erect for hours). Finally, the two talk at length about the importance of integrated health care and taking the shame out of erectile issues.

7. a Sex-Positive, Tech-Nerd Porn Star Talks About Erections

This week, Tim interviews to Ela Darling, a librarian-turned-adult-film-performer and co-founder of VrTube.xx, the world’s first VR webcam software.  She talks about the future of VR porn, what it’s like to be on porn sets when men face erectile issues (e.d.), interacting with clients on porn sites who are struggling with their erections, and worrying that you're not having sex like a porn star.  Ela also has some great advice for people with penises and their partners.

6. Sex Tips from a GAY Porn Star / Sacred Intimate

This week Tim interviews Allen Silver, prolific porn star and graduate of San Francisco's Body Electric who also works as a 'sacred intimate.'  They discuss 'play' and getting out of your head to maintain erections, and reasons ejaculation could be delayed or not happening at all.  Allen explains how changing narratives/roles, working with your breath, and doing masturbation homework can transform your sexuality and discusses unconventional approaches to sex including role play, erotic trance, and I-thou.

5. Interview with a Tantrica

Dani Katz is a writer and Tantric healer (aka Tantrica) who works with penises, sacrums and chakras to help men become more open to receiving sexual energy.  She has great insights to what's going on in the body during sex and erections (or lack thereof), and provides masturbation tips galore, such as changing angles or grips, focusing on physical sensations over sexual fantasy, easing back on porn consumption, and taking breaks from masturbation altogether.  Enjoy!

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4. medical treatment for erectile issues. 

In today's episode, Tim talks to Max McCullen, a Men's Sexual Health Consultant. They o over the biological side of erectile issues and strategies to address them, including PDE5s (medications like Viagra, Cialis and Levitra), penile injection therapy, vacuum erection devices, vasodilating, pellet therapy, hormone replacement, and surgical penile implants.  Max also talks about the five components of an erection:  visual/tactile, mental, hormonal, nervous system, and blood flow, and he and Tim discuss sex-positive masculinity.  

3. A Sex Surrogate Talks About Erectile Issues

In today's episode, Tim talks to Laurie Bennett Cook, a former sex-worker, now a sex educator and sex surrogate, (also referred to as a surrogate partner therapist).  (In describing her work, Dr. Cook says: "a large part of my job is to be a sex enabler. I assist others in achieving the level of sexual function they desire.") Tim and Dr Cook discuss the kinds of issues her clients grapple with, the process of working with a sex surrogate, the difference between a sex surrogate and sex therapist, and challenging the idea of a goal-oriented approach to sex.

2. sex-positive sex therapists talk about erections

This week's episode features Giselle Jones, sex therapist. We talk about the ins and outs of erectile issues, what sex therapy is like, what it's like to work with a female sex therapist, performance anxiety, sexual trauma and its effects on sexuality, mindfulness and its benefits for erectile issues, and how to apply mindfulness to your intimacy. Giselle also kindly guides us through a mindfulness exercise as well. 

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1. introduction

Introducing Hard Conversations, a podcast about male sexuality.  In this episode, host Tim Norton shares his background as a sex therapist, and talks about how he hopes to expand the conversation around male sexuality.  He also covers some basic information about erectile issues, and adds context to why we struggle as a society to have hard conversations.  Finally he breaks down how in a sex-positive environment there really is no room for taboos, judgment, or shame when it comes to penises.  Enjoy.