mindfulness-based therapy

I am grounded in mindfulness-informed and acceptance-based behavioral treatments, as well as psychodynamic therapy. I find working with trauma, psychosomatic disorders, sexual issues, and death and loss to be fulfilling and rewarding, while simultaneously challenging.  As with most therapists and coaches, I often work with clients suffering from depression and anxiety, and the bulk of my work deals with these issues through two separate lenses: sex (e.g. sexual functioning, compulsive sexual behaviors, porn addiction, and arousal issues) and psychogenic pain (e.g. TMS, psychosomatic pain, misdiagnosed autoimmune symptoms, etc.).  I have a foundation and solid experience in working with personality disorders, and am trained in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).  

Some clients require very tangible skills to face life's challenges, and may prefer very structured sessions involving weekly homework and a disciplined regiment of exercises.  Others may prefer to explore difficult emotions and navigate the depths of their subconscious mind and childhoods to understand obstacles to change.  Regardless of the nature of our work, I am operating under the assumption that somewhere inside of you the ability to heal exists, and together we will determine the best treatment plan for you.

licensed therapist

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with a focus on mental health from the University of Southern California (USC). Along with my personal practice, I currently work part-time at the Pain Psychology Center, where I receive intensive training in the treatment of chronic pan. 

anxiety, trauma, and personality disorders

Prior to opening my private practice, I worked at a Skid Row outpatient center working with people coming directly from prison, many of whom suffered both substance addiction and mental illness. I also spent six years volunteering and training at the Suicide Prevention Center and one year in a college counseling center. I’ve also spent two years at a dialectical behavioral clinic, working with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  


I spent several years at Psychotherapy Works, I receive intensive training in sex therapy and sex addiction treatment. I’ve completed the Sex Therapy training program at the Center for Healthy Sex and regularly attend lectures with the Los Angeles Sexological Association.



Before starting my career as a therapist, I worked as a paralegal and have taught in language schools in California, Japan and Spain. I’ve traveled to thirty countries, played drums and bass in numerous bands, and am an avid reader, writer, college football and hockey fan.

Guest Lectures

Male Sexual Dysfunction
International Certificate Program for Sex Therapists - December 2016

Sex Addiction
Special Service for Groups (Community Mental Health) - August 2016

Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Pain Psychology Center - July 2016

History of Pornography and Porn "Addiction"
International Certificate Program for Sex Therapists - June 2016

USC Clinical Practice - February 2016

UCLA Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - March 2015

LICENSED Clinical Social Worker

BBS Associated Social Worker #78877